Honda SH300i

Never lose your style

Sharper still


Honda SH300i product logo.

Style that shows.

Premium looks with strong performance and agility, the SH300i is ready for the city slalom, then the open road.

Moving fast

A classic machine for modern times.

Renowned for its finesse, this timeless beauty brings the classic looks of the SH series right up to date. The ever-popular Honda SH300i now comes with an improved LCD digital meter, a revised front fork, adjustable rear suspension and bright LED lights. The slim lines are complimented by new colours along with 16” wheels that complete the clean, modern look.

Close up of Honda SH300i digital meter.
Close up of Honda SH300i rear suspension.
Rear three-quarter Honda SH300i with top box, driving through city.
Close up of Honda SH300i LED lights.

A big favourite

Our SH300i scooter is an effortless ride

Loved for its style and reliability, it has become synonymous with premium performance and superior build quality. A critic once hailed it as the “perfect weapon" for riding through a busy city – that’s quite an accolade, no wonder it’s the first choice for many fashionable scooter riders in Europe.

Front three-quarter facing Honda SH300i, driving through city.

Smart touches

Take a closer look at the little design features that make a big difference.

Smart touches

Take a closer look at the little design features that make a big difference.

A smooth performer

Stay ahead of the traffic.

Side facing Honda SH300i, studio shot to show sharp new look.

A smooth performer with a sharp and focussed look, the SH300i is a real eye-catcher.

The SH300i packs a strong-pulling 279cc liquid-cooled, 4-valve single-cylinder engine. It has handfuls of torque for instant acceleration, and pushes out 18.5kw of power to keep you ahead of the traffic. Always known for its economy, cutting the impact on the environment as well as the cost of your commute. 

Very smart

The SH300i comes with 2 keys and it's clever too – with a Smart-key system for effortless convenience and security. Use it to start the ignition or trigger the seat release 2m from your scooter – all with just the touch of a button. 

Close up of Honda SH300i Smart Key Fob.

Power in your pocket. Start the engine and access storage space in a click with the SH300i’s Smart Key fob

Make it yours

Equip your SH300i with Genuine Honda Accessories – and customise your bike just the way you like.

Wherever you’re off to, choose accessories that fit your lifestyle – whether it’s a top box for additional storage space, heated grips, a windscreen and blanket for chilly morning commutes. Pick from a range of quality extras that have been specially designed for your Honda SH300i scooter.

Close up of Honda SH300i top box, in use.

Especially designed to be part of the sleek and sharp looks of the SH300i, the top box accessory is lockable, waterproof and provides extra storage when you need it.

Close up of the front of a Honda SH300i to show the handguards.

Handguards give the SH300i a more robust appearance and provide excellent protection from the cold wind and rain.

SH300i Air Force

Colour R-evolution special edition

SH300i Air Force is a unique design, dedicated to our commuting best-seller: featuring unique colours like matt greys, blacks and military patterns, this scooter also has an innovative paint shading effect. SH300 Air Force is made to be the 'Top Gun of commuting', beating traffic like a jetfighter. 




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