Honda CRF450RX

The Ultimate Off-Road Weapon

Traction machine

Just like the CRF450R, the CRF450RX has a new frame, steering geometry and suspension setup developed directly from HRC’s race bikes, so you can go in harder and come out faster. The engine also features more power with smoother torque delivery controlled by hydraulic clutch. The 3-Level HRC Launch Control gives you options out of the gate whatever your riding ability or experience, and whatever conditions you’re riding in. And once you’ve bossed the start, 3-Level Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) keeps you driving forward.



Start with the best there is. Then make it better.

With the CRF450R MX machine as a base the CRF450RX already has an advantage and, along with its enduro-specific equipment – larger fuel tank, 18-inch rear wheel and sidestand. A completely new frame saves weight and features factory-rider rigidity balance with sharper steering, extra ground clearance and RX-specific suspension settings. The seat unit is smaller (and lower at the back) and new plastics are slimmer, lighter and easier to move around. For stronger mid-range power and smooth throttle response, the engine has a redesigned intake, cylinder head and exhaust while a revised decompression system minimises stalling. The new hydraulic clutch is tougher, with lighter lever load. HRC Launch Control owns the first 100 metres and HSTC manages rear wheel traction over a lap.


CRF450RX, close up of the handlebars
CRF450RX, close up of the front wheel
CRF450RX, close up of the exhaust pipe.
CRF450RX, close up of the chassis.


Choose your weapon

Honda CRF450R right side studio shot
Honda CRF450RX right side studio shot

Honda CRF450RX

Honda CRF450R


More speed to cut time. What else matters?

Go in harder. Come out faster. Do it over.

The new CRF450RX begins life in the same place as the 2021 CRF450R – so it’s based heavily on Tim Gajser’s 2019 MXGP championship-winning HRC machine. Not a bad place to start. Showa’s 49mm USD coil spring fork has an extra 5mm stroke and the axle clamps’ rigidity increased. Larger main piston valving in the Showa rear shock gives improved bump absorption and faster response, and the Pro-Link ratio is also new. As a whole, the CRF450RX is 2.3kg lighter – which you notice, instantly. Narrower main spars and a redesigned subframe save just over 1kg between them. Most importantly, what you feel has been heightened; the rib positions behind the swingarm pivot points have been changed and, with torsional rigidity maintained, lateral rigidity is reduced 20% to increase corner speed, traction and steering accuracy. Tighter geometry gives sharper steering and more ground clearance.

CRF450RX, right side.
CRF450RX, close up of the engine.

Smooth engine power you can use.

Twin exhaust ports use an ovalized exit and a new, single downpipe and muffler save 1.24kg. There’s more power from 5,000rpm up and for stronger, smoother low-rpm torque, the airbox is larger with tool-free access to the filter. For optimised intake efficiency it feeds a redesigned throttle body and a steeper injector angle sprays fuel all the way back to the butterfly, improving feel. The decompression system is new and gives more stable operation at low rpm, increasing stall-resistance. And the clutch has an extra plate and is also now hydraulic, improving both control and feel at the lever.

CRF450RX, close up of the chassis.

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