Honda CR-V Hybrid car shot in street location.
Honda CR-V Hybrid car shot in street location.


The new CR-V with Honda Hybrid Performance is aerodynamically shaped from headlight to tail light. It’s a beautifully refined and modern SUV with an advanced drive.

  • Maximum Boot Space

    1,694 Litres

  • Available In

    8 Colours


Inner Space

When you open the door you are greeted by pure luxury.

Once inside, you’ll soon experience CR-V's unique space and comfort. All you'll want to do is quietly slip away and enjoy the drive.

Close to hand

You can easily scroll through the Driver Information Interface using the steering wheel mounted thumb pad, or via voice activation, to choose from a variety of features including: SMS and email display, audio information, phone contacts and even smart vehicle maintenance information.

Interior dashboard close up of Honda CR-V Hybrid facing street location.

Sweeping across the width of the cabin is a beautifully stitched soft-touch panel.

Honda CR-V Hybrid side close-up shot of TFT display.

A full-colour TFT display provides the driver with essential information.

Defining lines

Driving a hybrid never felt, or looked so good.

The fifth-generation Honda CR-V has a distinctive shape; a sleek simplicity that is designed to be both stylish and functional. This design includes controlling the airflow under the body, which improves fuel efficiency, minimises drag and lowers noise levels-. Function aside, the overall effect means the Honda CR-V Hybrid exudes presence wherever it goes.

Hands-free tailgate*

The rear power tailgate can be programmed to stop at the height you wish. Ideal if you have to open it in a hurry in a carpark or garage with a low ceiling height. You can also open it when your hands are full, by simply waving your foot under the rear bumper – nice and easy.
* Only available on EX grade

Side view close up of Honda CR-V Hybrid logo.
Side view Honda CR-V Hybrid hands free boot technology.

You can make light work of loading up even when your hands are full by passing your foot under the rear bumper.

Look the part

Make your CR-V Hybrid stand out - just the way you want. Bright and bold or dark and sophisticated, solid colour or metallic - pick the shade that makes a statement.

Choose a colour for your new CR-V Hybrid

Platinum White Pearl

Side facing Honda CR-V in Platinum White Pearl.

Keep in touch

Honda CONNECT is an infotainment system that puts the things you love, like your music and your friends, close to hand.

Side three-quarter facing close up of Honda CR-V Hybrid steering wheel.

Using the 7” touchscreen, everything you need to stay connected is within easy reach

Using Bluetooth? or USB, you can access information and playlists on your smartphone. You can also transfer your phone’s interface – via Apple CarPlay? or Android Auto? – to the 7” touchscreen to access apps allowing you to make calls, plus sending and receiving messages.

More connections

The pre-installed internet-based AHA? audio player also lets you connect to your favourite music stations, podcasts and news services.

Side facing close up of Honda CR-V Hybrid touchscreen icons.

You’ll always know where you are, and where you’re going, with satellite navigation.

Close up of Honda CR-V Hybrid touchscreen icons.

A quick glance is all you need to select one of the clearly displayed icons.

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